"Spending a Night in the Dog House" CFD Stands-by for Mattituck
By web team
January 20, 2019

On Saturday afternoon beginning at 3 p.m. crews from the Cutchogue Fire Department covered the Mattituck Fire District in order for the members of Mattituck Fire Department attended their annual installation dinner dance.

CFD staffed an engine crew and ambulance that spent the evening at the Mattituck Firehouse in the event of any alarms.

Although there were no alarms during the evening, CFD crews had an enjoyable evening of comradery while ensuring that Mattituck was well protected so that our brothers and sisters of MFD were able to enjoy the night.

The members of the Cutchogue Fire Department would like to congratulate all the officers of the Mattituck Fire Deparment including newly elected Chief Ted Webb, 1st Asst. Ed Rittberg, 2nd Asst. Chief James Cox, as well as all of the night's award winners.

We wish them well in the coming year and look forward to working with them in the future as our neighbors to the west.

Units: Engine 8-5-4, Ambulance 8-5-16