CFD Responds to Chimney Fire
By Web Team
November 4, 2019

On Sunday evening at 6:24 p.m..m. CFD Volunteers responded to a Chimney Fire at a residence on Little Neck Road in Cutchogue.

Firefighters arrived finding a moderate smoke condition throughout the home and confirmed that there was an active fire burning in the upper parts of the chimney.

Firefighters checked for any remaining fire in the fireplace while Firefighters laddered the home to inspect the chimney from the roof.

Other crews checked the home's attic and interior walls surrounding the chimney for any fire extension utilizing a thermal imaging camera.

Firefighters were on scene for over an hour to ensure that all fire was extinguished and the home was safe for the homeowners to re-enter.

Chimney fires are often caused by the build up of debris and un-burnt fuels that accumulate on the walls of a chimney.

As the Winter Season approaches,homeowners are reminded to periodically check their chimneys for any blockages and accumulations and have them cleaned if needed in order to prevent chimney fires

Units: Chief 8-5-31. Captain 5-5-50, Engine 8--5-4, Quint 8-5-3, Heavy Rescue 8-5-5, Fire Police 8-5-6