Dangerous Levels of Carbon Monoxide Found During Automatic Alarm
By web team
May 3, 2020

Late Saturday Evening at about 11:00 pm, the Cutchogue Fire Department responded to an activated CO alarm at the King Kullen Grocery Store located on the Main Road in Cutchogue. The alarm was received from their produce area.

Upon arrival firefighters entered the building with gas meters to investigate the cause of the alarm. Shortly after entering the building, firefighters began to record readings of elevated carbon monoxide levels, indicating that CO was present in the building.

Upon finding dangerous levels in the building, firefighters meticulously checked the entire building for over a half an hour in attempt to locate the source of the CO.

Crews split up with one crew checking the interior while a second crew climbed the ladder to the roof to check the heating and air conditioning units.

Eventually the source of the CO was traced back to a malfunctioning heating unit / air handler that was located on the roof..

Once the source was found and secured, Firefighters ventilated the building using fans and ensured that the Air Quality was safe for the workers to enter and the store to reopen in the morning.

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Units: Quint 8-5-3, Heavy Rescue 8-5-5, Ambulance 8-5-17