Training Resumes at the Fire Academy: Advanced Vehicle Extrication
By Web Team
June 11, 2020

On Thursday June 11th CFD firefighters headed to the Suffolk County Fire Academy for a night of Training.

The firefighters participated in the "Advanced Extrication" drill.

This drill simulates a severe and complicated motor vehicle accident that may occur within our District.

Firefighters participated in an extended evolution that tested their skills under the watchful eyes of Suffolk County Fire Academy instructors.

They were faced with a complicated scenario where two passenger vehicle had collided. One vehicle was found to be resting on top of the other car heavily entrapping 3 patients.

Firefighters used numerous extrication tools and stabilization equipment carried aboard the Department's Heavy Rescue Truck 8-5-5 to successfully complete the evolution.

The Cutchogue Fire Department like many other fire departments in Suffolk County, routinely travel to the Fire academy several times over the course of the year, to participate in different training evolutions.

Tonight marked the 1st time that CFD will travel to Yaphank this year for live fire and hands on training. This is the first week that the fire academy has re-opened for field training since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Continual training is an important aspect of providing Fire and EMS services to our community. Both the CFD and the Fire Academy like many other businesses and organizations have put in place safety precautions to help ensure that our firefighters can train in a healthy environment as we continue to protect ourselves from COVID-19.

The Officers and Members of the Cutchogue Fire Department would like to thank the instructors and entire academy staff and for giving us the skills and knowledge to help us protect our community.

To learn more about the Suffolk County Fire Academy visit their website:

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