Firefighers Brave the heat for a Night of Training at the Fire Academy - Commercial Fires
By web team
July 28, 2020

On Thursday night, despite the warm summer temperatures, 25 of Cutchogue's Bravest once again traveled to the Suffolk County Fire Academy Yaphank for live fire training. The firefighters participated in the "Taxpayer" drill.

This drill simulates a commercial building fire and is held in a specially designed building that replicates a small strip mall. The drill prepares firefighters to fight fires in commercial buildings and stores in our area such as King Kullen, hardware store and other commercial and mixed use properties.

The Cutchogue Fire Department like many other fire departments in Suffolk County, routinely travel to the Fire academy several times over the course of the year, to participate in different training evolutions. However due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, training has been restricted to ensure the safety of our volunteers and staff.

With safety precautions and social distancing measures in place, field training at the fire academy resumed earlier this month for Fire Departments in Suffolk County.

Last night marked the second time that the CFD has traveled to the academy to participate in live fire drills this year.

Firefighters participated in 2 different evolutions under live fire conditions that tested their skills.

Under the watchful eyes and guidance of the academy staff, firefighters performed as expected throughout the night.

Thank you to the instructors and staff at the Suffolk County Fire Academy for providing this valuable training and sharing your knowledge with us.

The Suffolk County Fire Academy plays an important part in training and ensuring that our Volunteers are prepared for any emergency.

Units: Quint 8-5-3, Ambulance 8-5-16
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