Monthly Training Night - Power Saws & Cutting
By Web Team
November 20, 2020

On Thursday night CFD firefighters used the Department's monthly training night to brush up on their cutting skills.

Firefighters trained on the use of the different types of power saws and cutting equipment carried on the Department's Fire and Heavy Rescue apparatus.

Depending on the type of specific situation or rescue, fire fighters have a variety of tools at their disposal to get the task done. Common uses for the saws include roof ventilation, forcible entry, and technical rescues.

Several stations were set up that allowed members to re-familiarize themselves with the tools and allow them to cut different types of material that included concrete, steel and wood.

One of these stations included the use of the department's newly built roof simulator that allowed members to practice cutting on a pitched roof. This simulator was recently designed & constructed by1st Assistant Chief Meringer and supported by our Board of Fire Commissioners.

The types of tools that were used included the chain saws, Cutting torch and the K -12 Rotary saws, which can be used for a variety of materials depending on the type of blades used.

The members of CFD would like to thank Amos Meringer Builders, Cutchogue Hardware and Don Grim of Oregon Road Recycling, who helped with the materials for the nights drill.

Thank you to all the members who turned out for the drill.

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D Wieczorek November 20, 2020 at 6:12 PM