Ice Rescue Drill
By Web Team
February 13, 2021

Over the past several weeks Eastern Long Island has been subjected to several winter storms and freezing temperatures.

Today several members of CFD firefighters took advantage of the recent cold weather, and participated in an Ice rescue Drill

On Saturday, firefighters headed to the ice on Wicham's Creek to practice the different skills and rescue techniques that may be used in a rescue scenario.

Firefighters participated in several different evolutions and rescue scenarios over the course of two hours.

The Cutchogue Fire Department along with firefighters across the nation are raising awareness about water safety issues, but people must take responsibility and understand that venturing onto frozen ponds, lakes, creeks and bays is extremely dangerous;

Falling through the ice can easily have fatal results. Children are particularly at risk, and parents and guardians are asked to remind them of the dangers. Pets are also likely to become stranded if not kept under close control; this often leads to people risking their own lives to reach them.

Please remember the following:

•Do not go onto ice-covered lakes, ponds, creeks, or bays – it's not safe. (In the event of entering icy water hypothermia can set in very quickly reducing the ability to get out safely).

•The ice closest to the bank and edges may appear to be thick but it may become thinner in other areas.

•If a dog or another animal falls through the ice, do not go to its rescue, if the ice did not support the animal it will not take your weight.

•Do not become a victim; always call for help, dial 911. Firefighters are specially trained for these type of rescues.

•If you do see a person or animal in difficulties call 911 and direct the Emergency personnel to the scene on their arrival.

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