Forcilbe Entry Training
By Web Team
March 27, 2021

On Thursday March 25th, 5 members of CFD joined together with members of the Greenport Fire Department to travel to the Suffolk County Fire Academy to participate in forcible entry training.

The night at the academy began with a short lecture followed with a series of hand-on drills.

Using an axe and halligan tool, commonly referred to as a set of "Irons" ,firefighters forced open a series of doors using conventional techniques on the academies forcible entry simulators under the guidance of Fire academy Instructors.

All of the participants had a chance to test and refine their skills in preparation of real life scenarios in which they may have to rapidly gain entry to a home or burning building.

The drill lasted roughly 2 hours.

The officers and members of the CFD would like to thank our brothers and sisters of Greenport Fire Department for giving us the opportunity to train with them as well as the Instructors at the academy for a great night of training.

We look for to working with you again in the future.

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