CFD Announces Officers for 2023 - Congratulations!
By Web Team
January 6, 2023

Last month the members of the Cutchogue Fire Department held their annual Department elections for the purposes of electing the Chief, and the two Assistant Chiefs that will lead the Department for the coming year.

Additionally, during the December meeting, the officers of United Fire Company No. 1 were elected by the membership.

The newly elected Chiefs officially took office at the December 20th Board of Fire Commissioners meeting when they were sworn in by the Chairman of Board of Fire Commissioners David Blados.

Last night the Officers of United Fire Company No 1. were sworn into office at the monthly company meeting by the Chief William Brewer.

We would like to wish Chief William Brewer, 1st Assistant Chief Christian Voegel., 2nd Asst. Chief Christopher Dinizio, Captain Joseph Hinton and all of the officers of the United Fire Company No. 1, the best of luck in their positions in the coming year.

We would like to thank the out going Chief Amos Meringer for his service and leadership of the Department over the past two years and during his time in the chiefs line.


2023 Officers are listed below:

Chief - William Brewer
First Assistant Chief - Christian Voegel
Second Assistant Chief - Christopher Dinizio
Department Secretary - Tom Shalvey Jr
Department Chaplain - Thomas Roslak

Company Captain – Joseph Hinton
Secretary – Tom Cybulski
Treasurer- Timothy Horton
Financial Secretary – Will Voegel

Truck Officers:

8-5-1 : Lieutenant Charles Witczak, Chief Driver William Burns

8-5-2 : Lieutenant Brian Zissel, Chief Driver James Burns

8-5-3 : Lieutenant Christian Figurniak, Chief Driver John Hinton Sr.

8-5-4 : Lieutenant Michael C. Boken, Chief Driver Allan Glover

8-5-5 : Lieutenant Richard Horton, Chief Driver Thomas Cooper

8-5-6 : Lieutenant Will Voegel, Chief Driver James Rocco

8-5-12 : Lieutenant Ken Pearsall, Chief Driver Garrett Lake

5-5-15: Lieutenant Arthur Brewer, Chief Driver Michael Finnican

8-5-16 : Lieutenant Thomas Behr, Chief Driver William Fannon

8-5-17 : Lieutenant Timothy Winters, Chief Driver Steve Braverman

Rescue Squad:
Captain Ken Pearsall, Lieutenant Andrea Parks

Water Rescue Team:
Captain Frank Nicholson, Lieutenant Tom Robbins

Fire Police Squad: Captain Arthur Brewer, Lieutenant Will Voegel

Trustees: Andre Cybulski, Robert Scott, Peter Zwerlein

Units: CFD - Tradition - Pride - Dedication