Monthly Training Night - Hose Handling
By Web Team
May 20, 2023

On Thursday May 18th members of the Cutchogue Fire Department gathered at HQ for the regular monthly training night. Each month on the third Thursday of the month CFD has a dedicated in-house training night that covers a variety of topics

This month's training focussed on Hydrant connections and hose handling.

Senior Firefighters were joined by CFD junior firefighters for the night's training.

The drill began with a review of hydrant operations and the responsibilities and importance of "Hydrant man" position.

After hoselines were stretched, Hose handling techniques such as the low pro, "s" stance, Tanaka grip both upright and kneeling, clamp, modified clamp, and knee pinning were demonstrated and performed by everyone involved.

The drills stressed the importance of balance was covered as well as the actions of a backup man. This served as a great opportunity for our Juniors to interact with our firefighters as well as give everyone involved the to chance review basic and essential fireground skills.

The training lasted 2 hours

Thank you to Firehouse Training Plus for a great night of training.

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