The Trianing Continues: SCBA Mask Confidence Drill
By Web Team
March 22, 2024

Our regular monthly training schedule continued on Thursday night, focusing on basic SCBA skills and emergency procedures.

On this night, we covered SCBA basics and survival skills. The members had to negotiate their way through several obstacles in a maze that was set up in our firehouse.

Each member had to negotiate the following obstacles during the course:

Recover from a 4 foot fall through a floor and review Mayday Procedures.
Crawl thier way through a serpentine, 28 inch tube, and up and over, floor joists/trusses.
Navigate through 480 feet of downed wire in a four foot wide eight foot long area,
Breaching a wall,
Identify a spongy floor, perform reduced/low profile maneuvers.

To add difficulty and realism to the training, the members' vision was blacked out and they were on breathing air for the entire evolution.

Several new probationary members and CFD Junior Firefighters also went through the maze without air.

Each month throughout the year we host a variety of in-house training sessions that help us refine our skills. These drills and trainings held at our firehouse are in addition to a schedule of Live-fire & hands on training that is held at the Suffolk County Fire Academy.

Thank you to everyone who came out and to the team from firehouse training +, for a good night of training.

Outstanding job done by all!!

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