Monthly Training Night: Airbags and Res-Q-Jacks
By web team
June 22, 2024

On Thursday as part of our monthly training night the Cutchogue Fire Department reviewed lifting and stabilization equipment that is part of our rescue capabilities at Motor Vehicle Accidents.

The Res-Q-Jacks are and Air Bags are part of stabilization and lifting systems that are carried on heavy rescue truck 8-5-5.

This jacking / stabilization system can be used stabilize vehicles that are on their sides, on their roofs, or in other "awkward" positions. The use of these struts will allow firefighters and EMS workers to work in a stable and safe environment while treating, extricating and protecting trapped victims.

The Air Bags are designed to lift heavy objects utilzing high pressure air commonly carried in our SCBA bottles. These bags in a variety of sizes are capable of lifiting several tons, and may be used to lift a vehicle or other heavy objects in a Rescue situation.

Firefighters spent over two hours practicing using the struts on several different scenarios along with using their high pressure air Bag system.

Firefighters were taught the proper use of Cribbing, and stressed the importance of its role during these operations. Our rescue truck carries a large quantity of cribbing / wood blocks to be used in these situations.

This particular training served as an introduction of this specialized equipment to several of our newer members as well as served as an excellent review for our veteran firefighters.

Thank you to the 20 members who came out to the training despite the warm temperatures.

The Cutchogue Fire Department would thank to Firehouse Training plus for another good night of training.

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