CFD Juniors Training - Playing Jenga....Firehouse Style
By web Team
July 16, 2019

On Wednesday July 10th the CFD Junior Firefighters gathered at the Firehouse for their monthly meeting / training session.

Each month the juniors participate in a different training session in order to familiarize them with the Fire and EMS services.

The topic of this month's training was Vehicle Extrication Tools.

The Juniors were taught about the different situations that "Jaw of Life" could be used for along with the importance of each component of the system and other rescue tools carried on our Heavy Rescue Truck.

The drill gave the Juniors the opportunity to become familiar with the newly putchased Hust e-draulic tools, that are carried on 8-5-5.

The Juniors were also taught about the importance of stabilization using a large amount of cribbing that is carried on the truck.

With the assistance of their advisors, each junior was taught how to use the tools and was given the opportunity to use them during a game of Firehouse Jenga that was set up using the cribbing.

Working in teams, the drill gave the juniors the chance to use the tools that firefighters would use in real life situations as well as have a little friendly competition using a little patience and finesse.

The CFD Juniors would like to thank all of the firefighters who took the time to work with them.

The CFD Junior Firefighter program is open to any residents of the Cutchogue Fire District between the ages of 11 and 17. The juniors routinely meet once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Anyone interested in joining is urged to contact the firehouse for more information.