Water Rescue Training
By Web Team
August 9, 2019

On Thursday August 8th members of CFD took advantage of the summer weather, and cooled off in the Peconic Bay by participating in Water Rescue Drill.

The drill that was organized by Water Rescue Captain Ed Nicholson, focused on patient packaging and removal from the water as well as small boat operations.

Participants practiced using throwable flotation devices form the shore.

Newer members were also able to familiarize themselves with the operation of our rigid hull Inflatable that is used in the shallow waters and creeks where our larger boat cannot access.

While underway, boat operators spent spent time familiarizing themselves with the waters in and around New Suffolk Harbor.

Last night's drill gave CFD members a chance to share the knowledge they learned in other trainings and practice the techniques they learned using our own boat and equipment.

Training such as this allows CFD to be ready for any emergency that may occur on the water during the summer season.

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