Training at the Fire Academy: Sharpening our Skills
By Web Team
September 19, 2019

On Tuesday night, September 17th CFD traveled to the Fire Academy in Yaphank once again for more training.

On this night the firefighters participated in the "Class A" drill.

This drill simulates a dwelling fire a two story home. The Drill is held in a specially designed building that replicates a typical residential home similar to those found within the Cutchogue Fire District.

Firefighters participated in 2 different evolutions under live fire conditions that tested their skills under the watchful eyes of Suffolk County Fire Academy instructors. Many of these scenarios are designed to replicate real life situations that firefighters have occurred throughout our nation.

Over 20 CFD firefighters participated in the training session.

The Cutchogue Fire Department like many other fire departments in Suffolk County, routinely travel to the Fire academy several times over the course of the year in order to participate in different training evolutions.

The Officers and Members of the Cutchogue Fire Department would like to thank the instructors and entire academy for giving us the skills and knowledge to help us protect our community.

The Firefighters of Suffolk County are both fortunate and grateful to have this training available.

To learn more about the Suffolk County Fire Academy visit their website:

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